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Search Engine Optimization

Boost your site to the top of free, organic search engine results by adding new content and optimizing existing content. If you get near the top, customers are able to find your site easier and are one step closer to buying your product, signing up for your newsletter, or scheduling a free consultation.

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Search Engine Marketing

SEM means paying for online advertisements to show up in search engines, similar to paying for an advertisement to appear in the newspaper. The ad will show up when a user searches for your company or product — and if they click on the ad, it will take them straight to your website.

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Consulting & Training

We will review your approach to give you strategic and big picture recommendations on how to improve it. We are happy to then make those changes for you, or train your staff to make those changes on their own. We run training sessions in a variety of settings and with as many people as you would like.

How to Tackle SEO & SEM

Check out these resources to get a head start on your site. Many businesses see great results after incorporating basic SEO and SEM tactics.

Google Webmasters

For professional SEO training, Google Webmasters has you covered. They’ll give you lots of helpful tactics and tips to improve your website’s search ranking.


The Beginners Guide to SEO

The Beginners Guide is an extremely comprehensive resource and the perfect jumping off point to begin learning. It’s also a great reference when you need to brush up on techniques.


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